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  • Jonquil
  • Oriel
  • Coriander Lupine
  • Emelia Morgan
  • Helene Starfish
  • Luce Thorn
inherited her ship and crew from her father, but earned their loyalty through her own hard work, cunning trades, and charisma. Then she, and her four siblings, exhalted...
, a deeply religious and devout vampire, lived a quiet life in a lepresarium in thirteenth-century Paris until she met Martinius, Lucian, and Amalric. (Spring '04)
Coriander Lupine
, aka Cori, is a competent GP practicing in Colchester, UK. In addition, she markets her herbal goods at the farmer's market each Saturday, with her uncle, farmer Jim, part of her expansive family, much of it based around Colchester. Although also a mage, her garden and practice consume most of her attention and waking hours. She lives in a small house on the outer edges of Colchester, her large garden reaching into the edges of deserted woodlands. Her charming and strange pet raven is named Tarnish. (1997-8)
Emelia Morgan
was a long-term character in an Amherst By Night/Vampire the Masquerade campaign. She was the first mate of the lovely ship Margie, along with the captain, ghoul Benedict Hawklyn, and Malkavian sidekick Polly. (1996-7)
Helene Starfish
, a mystic obsessed with stone, possessed a gift for flattery which may or may not have aided her in the "Dark Ages" in which she lived. (Summer '96)
Luce (Lucinda) Thorn
, a Kiasyd, was a programmer in Boston. (Summer '96)
Assorted Others
  • Assorted Others:
  • Oriholt
  • Clobs
is not properly a character, but an SCA alias. Still, this much at least can be described: the name was imported to England along with the Norman invasion and was in documented use through the thirteenth century.
is, technically, a character, albeit a personality-less one. A half-orc 12-year-old, she's killed the Balrog in Moria. Now on to Angband...