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Online Roleplaying
The advantage of online gaming is that there are almost always other people available to interact with, any time of day. Online gaming was particularly useful to me when I was moving frequently and wanted to communicate with people I already knew. I no longer roleplay online, but I am still is touch with many of the good friends I originally met through some of the following roleplaying environments.
TooMush ( 6666)
  • TooMush Characters:
  • Thistle
is sort of a character. TooMush is a mostly out of character mush. She's a plant, she's a person.
SouCon ( 4201)
  • SouCon Characters:
  • Tris
  • Aidryn
  • Elydria
  • Lilla
  • Berenice
  • Wren
Tristin RNayr
is Cove Hold's Lady Holder. She's the daughter of Calindy RNayr (PC), the now retired steward of the hold. Her father is a bronze dragonrider named N'then (NPC) at Igen Weyr up north and elder brother to Tris' predecessor as Holder of Cove, Lord Bretten.
Aidryn RNayr
is a Journeyman Glasscrafter at Cove Hold. He is Tris' younger brother. He used to be one of my characters but he is now played by someone else.
Elydria Fethiron
recently retired from the Craftmastership of the Farmcraft. Her mother, Keilin, is the long-term herb gardener at Island River Hold, while her father, Elyan Fethiron, was a wandering harper who stayed not even a turn with her mother. Her daughter (by Piet) is Ayla.
, housemaid to the holder family of Monaco Bay, was the epitome of efficiency. With demure politeness and a lively, but deferential, attitude, she could get away with murder. As an excessively competent housemaid, she managed to mind the family youngsters, clean the holder's home, prepare light snacks, and handle bookkeeping and anything else the family needed without batting an eye. Consequently she all but ended up running the hold as the young holder, Kierany, because increasingly caught up in the happiness of her newfound love for Ursii.
's father was Lord Southern, about 90 turns ago, with her eldest brother the holder following him. She moved to Seminole Hold where she built a good life for herself and her husband, and worked for turns on end as Seminole's Steward. She was appointed Lady Southern by the Holder's Conclave, but died of the shock within the candlemark. Lord Garant and Lady Samira succeeded her.
Wren Fethiron
is a master harper on Soucon, once assigned to Monaco Bay hold and the Eastern Riding. She was my first on line character, created in February, 1993.
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PernMush (telnet 4201)
  • PernMush Characters:
  • Ilga
  • Zelez
is the now grown rider of Willow Stream Blue Rheath at Igen Weyr She was originally created as a seven turn old girl abandoned at the weyr, where she was taken in and adopted by Tilani, turns before her adopted mother became a gold rider. Aisha, who succeeded Tilani as the headwoman at Igen, became her foster mother when Tilani impressed. At thirteen turns of age, she impressed Rheath and is now posted to the Sunstroke wing at Igen.
is a retired Master Tailor. Way back when, Zelez helped Lenore restart the vitality of the Weavercraft in a time when its membership and activity was severely flagging. After she rose to journeyman status, she was posted to Ista Weyr, where she lived happily for many turns, along with her lifemate Mikal, their daughter Kimzel, and her foster daughter Luna. Now retired, she's back at the hall, devoted to her work and occassionally helping out with the up and coming next generation of weavers.
Other Mush
  • Other Online Characters:
  • Rillin
  • Elya
  • Tinsel
Other characters... (Those who never had much of a life, are long gone, or were tangential to begin with, but are worth mentioning nevertheless.)
  • Rillin
    was the Master Harper on Belior Rising. A friend once did a drop-dead gorgeous picture of her. Usually my characters are much more normal looking!
  • Elya
    kept a firebird named Glysse on IEC. The bird enlivened the castle corridors now and again for a few years.
  • Tinsel
    was on DragonMud.  I alway rather liked having a character named that.
  • Kevrel, Peri, Eugenie, Coriander, Fennel, Khever, Syrna, Evaia... the list of past characters go on. Many were experimental characters who never developed, either because their mush was never active when I went to look, or because their character concept did not, in the end, prove a successful one.