Fictional Worlds - Neopets

Notes about virtual pets
Neopets is a combination of the idea of Pokemon, a good games site, a child-safe web portal, and card collecting. All players begin by choosing a virtual pet from the available options. After that, all features are optional: if you don't feed or play with your pet, they'll never die, but will spend the rest of their virtual existence miserably unhappy.
hiremi got her Neopet at
Other sources of information for potential or current players include TineNeoHelp, Neolodge and NeoItems. Helpful sites focused on more specific aspects of Neopets include the Battlepedia (weapon and armor statistics, training advice, Battledome-related news), the In-Depth NeoQuest Guide, Spanky's Book World (for would-be Book Club members), and, for obsessed avatar collectors, Avatar Log. Neopets-hosted useful information pages include a list of obscure games (useful for getting the "Top Gamer" avatar, or just to sample the site's wide range of game options) and a list of rare foods (useful for pursuing Gourmet Club membership).